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What is Good Petrol and Guide to Good Petrol Stations?


People in cities are buying cars to reduce the hassle of traveling.  With the lack of proper initiatives to improve infrastructure, issues related to transportation have become a nightmare for the country. Karachi the most populated city of the country is at the forefront when it comes to depleted infrastructure. Although metro bus stations have been initiated in cities like Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Peshawar. But owing to long term infrastructural policy the sustainability of the said projects is in doldrums; with Peshawar metro yet to start operation after missing several deadlines and corruption impeding its way to completion.

Sales of the cars although has declined just recently due to certain factors and shift in government policies but overall year to year trend depicts the absolute rise in overall production and sales of cars. In the last few years, many foreign companies are awarded Greenfield licenses by the government to carry out the production of automobiles with local partners in Pakistan. This will break the monopoly of few giants and more competition will be promoted in the automobile sector.

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The aim of this blog is to aware masses about the fuel i.e. an essential lifeline for any automobile to operate. It’s like oxygen for car and if the car gets polluted fuel just imagine what would happen to you if you inhale polluted air with lots of impurities in it?

How Does Engine work? And Role of Fuel:

The internal combustion engine in the car burns the fuel in the combustion chamber formed by piston and cylinders. Now the fuel energy is converted into work energy to make pistons work. Internal combustion engines can be of two types i.e. Gasoline spark ignition (GSI) which required a spark from plug to start the combustion process and Diesel compression ignition (DCI), it doesn’t require spark but auto ignites.

In the combustion process, the air is sucked in and mixed with fuel; it is then compressed and burnt. The exhaust is released. The spark initiates the combustion process and it develops smooth pressure to make piston works but in case of high pressure and temperature often the fuel will lead to spontaneous combustion. This results in “Knocking” and small bursts of combustion occurs.

What is RON and how impurity in fuel affects Engine:


Research octane number or RON tells us how well any fuel can resist such knocking. And it is also considered as the quality measure of fuel to determine average fuel from good and premium. So, the higher the RON the better will be the quality of fuel and engine performance. Also, this ensures the protection of the environment.

In Pakistan before 2016, 87 RON was a uniform standard but after 2016 it was revised to 92 RON. Currently, 92 RON, 95 RON, and 97 RON are the acceptable standards in Pakistan. But recently complains have surfaced that manganese is being added in fuel to increase the RON but in essence, they are damaging the engines of cars. Also, it was observed on inspecting various fuel stations that the required RON is not being maintained and consumers are being tricked. Even the High octane blending component (HOBC) was found to be not of 97 RON. HOBC is supplied in limited quantity and its production is limited. It is mainly used by imported high-end cars.

Now the question arises: which fuel stations are recommended for strict adherence to RON standards?

Well, this is the responsibility of the Oil and Gas regulatory authority (OGRA) that they must ensure regular assessment of the quality of fuel being sold in petrol stations. And monthly, if not the weekly report should be announced publicly to indicate the standard of RON adopted by fuel stations. And fines should be imposed for violating the standards set by a regulatory authority.

Some Good Petrol Stations in Islamabad and Rawalpindi:

Some fuel stations widely regarded by people for maintaining the required standard of RON are: (Note: these are subject to personal opinion)

  • Attock Petrol Pump in F-11
  • Attock Petrol Pump in H-8
  • Shell Petrol Pump in F-6
  • Shell Petrol Pump in F-7
  • Shell Petrol Pump at  Punj Sarki Rwp
  • Shell Petrol Pump in I-8
  • Shell Petrol Pump near Al-Shifa Eye Trust Rawalpindi
  • PSO in Diplomatic Enclave
  • Caltex in F-6
  • Total in F-6
  • PSO near DHA Phase 2 (gate No.1)
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