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Treks in Pakistan – Guide


Pakistan is home to innumerable natural jewels. The rivers irrigating the major parts of the agricultural lands, with the canal system recognized as the best in the world. Seasons at full verve allow birds of unique species to migrate from far-flung areas to settle on the fruits laden orchards and farms. Flowers bloom and their fragrance rejuvenize your soul, the peace and serenity of lakes located in laps of the mountain display the most romantic landscape.

Domestic livestock grazing on the lush green pastures is the most exquisite scenery. Cows with colorful patches, horses with silky manes can be seen strolling in the woods, monkeys mischievously making efforts to snatch your snacks and birds chirping on high rising trees are some of the sights that capture your attention.

Apart from the rich culture, cherished tradition, local dishes, and mouth-watering cuisines there are many wonders of the nature that awestruck the visitors who rarely find hidden beauties of Pakistan on the walls of much-celebrated tour guides and advisors across the globe.


Candle Light has aimed to bring into the limelight all the natural, unseen and unexplored beauties of Pakistan. In this blog specifically, we are highlighting Treks in Pakistan.

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Adventure seekers and climbers crave to explore treks; one that poses the utmost challenge and trill requires passion and experience. The newbies must accompany expert trekkers and guides while exploring challenging and rough treks. All the trekking gears must be arranged before you start your journey to any of the treks across Pakistan.

Some of the famous treks often visited by international tourist include but not limited to: (Future blogs will contain further details related to exact locations, difficulty-level to summit each trek and other places to see around treks)

Treks Location
Margalla Hill Treks   6 trails can be explored in Margalla Hills located in Islamabad.
K2 Expedition via Baltaro Glacier – The Highest Mountain in Pakistan   60 km long trek to K2 base camp. K2 is the second-highest peak in the world at 8611 meters.
Dunga Gali-Ayubia Track   Located at Dunga Gali, also known as pipeline track.
Miranjani   3 hours trek from Nathia Gali, located in East from Abbottabad.  
Deosai National Park Accessible from Skardu also the second-highest plateau in the world.
Trek to Barah Broq   Located near Skardu
Trek to Lake Borit   Located alongside Passu cones in Gilgit-Baltistan
Chitta Katha Lake   Located in Shounter Valley in Azad Kashmir, close to Angar Kel
Kel – Taobat Trek   Passing by Gurez valley, green patch and Neelum river follow you along your path.
Rakaposhi Base Camp Trek   Trek starts from Hunza in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB). Rakaposhi is the 27th highest peak in the world
Naltar Valley Trek   Trek to Naltar Lakes and other adjoining mountains.
Hushe Valley Trek   Trek starts from Hushe Valley ahead of Skardu.
Masherbrum Base Camp Trek   Trek starts from Hushe Valley ahead of Skardu.
Spantik Base Camp and Haramosh La Trek   Trek Starts from Skardu
K6/K7 Peak Trek   Starts from Hushe Valley in GB
K2 Popular Concordia Trek   It starts from Askole, at some distance from Skardu.
Battura Trek   It starts from Passu Cones in GB.
Hunza – Patundas Trek   Starts from Hunza
Diran Base Camp   It starts from Minapin in GB.
Hunza –  Rashphari Trek   Starts from Hoper in GB
Chauperson   Starts from Baba Gundi in GB
Nanga Parbat   Known as the abode of fairies. Starts from Tarashing in Chilas.
Trich Mir Trek   It starts at Uthul in Chitral.
Haramosh pass and Laila Trek   Starts from Haramosh pass in GB
Khurdopin Pass Shimshal Trek Trek Starts alongside the trail of K2 base camp trek
Shimshal – Minglik Sar Trek   Starts from Passu in Hunza
Karomber Lake Trek   Located on the boundary of Broghil valley Chitral and Ishkoman in GB.
Kutwal Lake Trek   Located in Haramosh Valley
Dagri Bangla Trek   Starts from Thandiani in Abbottabad
Golen – Buni Zom BC – Phargram Trek   Located in Chitral
Gol National Park Trek   Located in Chitral
Laspur to Kumrat via Beshqar Gol Pass   Located in Chitral
Bari Lake Thui Pass Trek   Starts from Gilgit in GB
Naran to Kashmir Hike (Besal-Saral-Surgan-Sharda)   Starts from Naran/Kaghan
Kalash Valley Chitral Trek   Located in Chitral
Laspur to Mahodand via Katchi Khani Pass   Located ahead of Swat in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Trekking Adventure in Koh e Suleman   Located in Balochistan
Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat Base Camp   Located in Diamer district of Gilgit/Baltistan, near the base campsite of Nanga Parbat.
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