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Skardu Travel Guide – Complete Guide


Let’s Explore Skardu

Glorious and pristine, Skardu is a land fortified between heights never heard and seen. Springs are gushing and rivers roaring out of heavenly streams. The days are miraculous and stars at nights with formations never imagined in dreams.

People come here to summit peaks golden and green. Birds here sing the melodies, breeze carry the scents from the doors left open of Ether and Celestine.

Those who dared to discover this dreamy story; came happily after witnessing breathtaking moments so pure and holy. Words fall short to describe the landscape;  Entire lake is the mirror, clouds are formed under mountain sphere;  Green, purple, red and blue – these are not colors their shades are new.

Explore (How to Reach Skardu)?

Explore (When to Plan a trip to Skardu)?

  • Best Time to Visit is: April, May, June, July and August (Spring/Summers)
  • Best time to view autumn colors and early winters: Sep, Oct and Nov
  • Months to Avoid Travelling due to harsh winter weather: Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar

Exploring local Cuisine


Almond, walnut and apricot oil paste applied on locally handmade noodles and then seasoned with herbs and ingredients handpicked and prepared by locals is the most nutrient and unique dish of Skardu and Baltistan region.


The dough of wheat made on special occasion and particularly demanding in winters as it provides good energy for day laborers. The wheat grains are soaked in water for days and then grinded and baked.

Fresh apricot oil is served with the Marzan and it has unique refreshing taste.


It is Baltistani food and you will find it resembling to Spaghettis but it is way different. The gravy of these homemade noodles (Tagliatelle) is thick with chunks of meat inside making whole experience of trying this soup satisfying. This soup is recommended for winters specially. For receipt click here

Whole lamb and Goat Meat

People of Baltistan consider hospitality as part of their culture and it is a core element of their societal value. It is normal in a family that if guests arrives from far flung areas or special guest, they cook whole lamb or goat. All the consumable parts to bones are cooked in variety of dishes. This culture of slaughtering whole animal, often it can be more than one animal is also common in KP and Balochistan. They prepare variety of special dishes with meat.

Butter Tea

Prepared with green tea leaves, salt, butter and milk; this is not traditional tea served elsewhere, rather a diet drink more accurately. This is presented with other baked cuisines and apricot oil.

  • Other special and must to try Baltistani foods include;

Kiseer,Stapkhur, Barangis, Azuq, cha fae, khuba, zerchung. Tuskhur, Lepkari

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Explore (What to do in Skardu)?

Skardu has many breathtaking sites to make your trip memorable.

  • Ranging from treks to summiting high mountains,
  • Hiking on trails to explore beautiful meadows and stunning villages,
  • Fishing and swimming in lakes,
  • Texture and colors of wild flowers seen nowhere else,
  • Wildlife habitats on high lands and mountains,
  • Natural springs and waterfalls,
  • Local games and exploring centuries old cultures, rituals, medicines, health and beauty tips,
  • Mouth-watering cuisines and jeep safari,
  • Photographers heaven; with mesmerizing views of galaxy and stars at midnight when sky is clear will give you the Goosebumps,
  • Treks to base camps of some of the highest peaks in the world, including K2,
  • Views of majestic 8 thousander’s surrounding eastern Skardu.

Explore (Places to See in Skardu)?

Exploring ‘New culture’?

Remains of forts and local stories of great dynasties tell one of great historic importance of this region. Main district of Baltistan region, Skardu is the sanctuary of great cultural, historical, archeological and religious heritages. People here share long lineages with great conquerors and rulers.

Branch of Tibetan language ‘Balti’ is spoken in Skardu. They also understand English and Urdu we well.  As you will find figures of Buddha in Skardu it is reminiscent of the great fact the Buddhist have ruled over this land. The town has variety of souvenirs to offer which includes, traditional dresses, fresh fruits and dried fruits and etc.

Before You Explore! Remember:

  • Mobile Signals are Weak throughout the Valley in whatever direction you travel
  • 3G/4G/Internet is not good, even in Good hotels
  • Always Keep Warm Clothes and complete travel gear with you. For trekkers and climbers take professional advice.
  • Landslides are rampant and it causes road closures often, always check route updates before you plan your tour.

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