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Ride-Hailing Services In Pakistan – Guide


In early 2015, ride-hailing app Careem started off with various pilot projects in Pakistan and once the project turned out to be successful the service was launched in the country. Due to the first-mover effect, Careem captured the largest market segment in terms of volume. Marketing played a very vital role here as Pakistanis were not very familiar with this concept and public transportation along with taxies were casual means of commute. This new concept was a threat to local transporters and many incidences of violence occurred and activities were staged to sabotage the new company. But against all the odds, Careem survived and due to their steadfastness and sheer struggle they skimmed the best revenue over the years of their operations in Pakistan and still among one of the giants in ride-hailing services in the country.

After some years, people recognized the untapped opportunity identified by Careem in Pakistan and with comfort, accessibility; time-saving service and economical traveling more and more people started getting converted into Careem customers. Local transporters lost muscles to the scope, strength, and services offered by Careem over the years and now Careem reigned for several years without direct competition from anyone. But later on Uber joined the market and opportunity was explored and it created lots of employment opportunities and hassle faced by people regarding transportation in all big cities were catered by Careem and Uber.

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Following the footings of the two giants Bykea the app with motorbikes used for hailing rides and delivery of foods got in and expanded enormously. The potential remains significant for new entrants and different ride-hailing services catering to different niche markets along with general ride-hailing services joined the race.


Swvl with the unique concept of bus/Van as ride-hailing app revolutionized the traditional ride-hailing service.

Some of the notable rides hailing services operating across main cities in Pakistan are:

  1. Careem
  2. Uber
  3. Daewoo cab app
  4. Mlift
  5. Bykea
  6. Paxi
  7. A-taxi
  8. Shahi sawari
  9. Limofied
  10. Uride
  11. Carruba
  12. Siayara
  13. Swvl
  14. Vheelz
  15. Wahyd
  16. Buraq
  17. Airlift
  18. MetroCab

This article will be updated with the following additional details: (Coming Soon)

  • Description of each ride-hailing service
  • Best ride-hailing service, comparison of services
  • Ride-hailing, a great source of earning
  • How to maximize your earning by joining ride-hailing service
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