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Parachinar Travel Guide – Let’s Explore Pakistan

Parachinar - Central Kurram


Parachinar is one of the main towns located in Kurram Agency, part of the Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA).  FATA has now merged with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and ever since its merger, all the legislations and civic facilities are transitioned in phases and placed under the provincial government i.e. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government. The courts, administrators, and municipal laws will be enunciated. The notorious Federal Crime Regulation (FCR) system and the Jirga system will be abolished.   Constitutional reforms will be promulgated on the same footings as implemented and regulated across the country in letter and spirit.

Fata comprises 7 agencies; namely, Khyber, Kurram, Orakzai, Mohmand, Bajaur, North Waziristan, and South Waziristan. Armed operations were carried out in most parts to oust the militant camps and terrorist hideouts in the past i.e. in the aftermath of Soviet occupation (1979) and the U.S war on terror (2001). Pakistan army played a very vital role and rendered great sacrifice to destroy enemy safe heavens.

On humanitarian grounds, Pakistan has always lent support to its Afghan brethren, who fled their war-torn land. This has cost the country huge financial, political, and economic setbacks. This led to unrest in the country and innocent lives were lost, as militant activities ramped up in the whole country. Army Public School massacre put a deep scar on the nation’s history with more than a hundred kids martyred in bright daylight.  However, the local residents, armed forces, and political factions have done a great job in reviving the lost glory of this region and now, the unexplored beauty of the region awaits you and takes your breath away.

Parachinar “Heaven in Pakistan”

Parachinar has now turned into a big town with markets and building hovering around the city, making it appears less of a village, as it once was; miles away from big cities. Abound with private school chains, clothing brands, food chains, imported item shops and etc. The city center offers a vivid view of vendors, tea stalls, beauty salons, and karyana shops offering all daily-use items.  Pakistan army has installed check posts at various points to maintain law and order and also to promote tourism and ensure the safety of locals and outsiders.

Distance to Parachinar

Transportation from cities i.e. Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, and Kohat can be easily hired. A metaled road connects Parachinar to the rest of the country. On your trip to this beautiful valley, the side views are majestic. Passing through small towns, their shops laden with traditional attire and dry fruits spurs visitors’ excitement.

It takes 6hrs to reach Parachinar from Peshawar. Additional 2hr, if you are traveling from Islamabad. Whereas, if you are coming from Lahore, you need a total of 12hrs to reach there. It is recommended to either stay in Islamabad or Peshawar, before resuming your trip to the valley of giant trees called “Chinar”.

Weather and Landscape

Parachinar weather fluctuates from mild to extreme. Summers are mild. In winters, you are advised to pack yourself airtight. Winter is the time of the year when this town adorns itself with exquisite views: Snowclad Mountains, downpours, hails, thunderstorms, and a chill breeze. Shutting everyone behind doors. Kettle tea and local sweet dishes make rounds in the market and the aroma of home-baked food excites you to sit beside stoves, and take that never-ending sip of tea coupled with baked biscuits.

Lush pastures, snow-laden town, cattle grazing, mud houses, food orchards, and natural springs compel you to praise nature’s grandness.  Hospitality runs through their veins, once visited tourists are never stopping to praise the exotic attraction of this region.  Magnificent, centuries-old shrines of scholars and tribal ancestors are crowded with devotees, offering a tribute and simultaneously, cooking and sharing food with each other. Since there are a large no. of shrines, if you have no food don’t worry, visit anyone of the shrines near you and you can feed your appetite with delicious local foods for free.

Food and Economic prospects

In Parachinar, you are going to experience a wide variety of traditional cuisines. Although it has become a business hub now and since many have traveled to outside towns and abroad, they have introduced a number of continental and mainstream dishes. Local confectionery, desserts, and sweet dishes serve as a great delight for someone with a sweet tooth.  The staple food is grown locally here and often exported to other parts of the country.

Students are very industries. IT, English Language, and other vocational training institutes have picked up the trend now. Those who are pursuing degrees in other cities are competing on merit and proving their strength despite, hailing from resource constraint valley. There is a long list of students who are enrolled in top-notch educational institutes within and outside Pakistan.

Similarly, the business community has well-established connections across the country and invests in whatever it can to improve the prospects of their town.

Places to See

Parachinar is located within a heavenly carved landscape and offers charming, mind-blowing, unexplored beauty in its peripheries. There are some villages famous for the abundance of natural resources and heartwarming sceneries.

Among them the most prominent are:

Every village or suburb is unique in its own way. The blooming alleys, gushing water springs, fruit-laden gardens, and green pastures are the common sights. Villages are a few kilometers from Parachinar, located in different directions, with local restaurants and portions of their houses dedicated for guest’s accommodation by local residents.

You will be overwhelmed since all these are tourist spots, and the temptation to capture all the eye-catching sites will run you out of your camera reel! Undoubtedly, it will leave you speechless.

Currently, this whole region is very underrated and unexplored. Candlelightguide has taken this opportunity to present this luring travel destination and a highly recommended place to be your next travel destination.

A few kilometers from the main city there is a picnic spot known as, May Kay. The thrilling road trip to the mountain top and the aerial view presents a panorama of the whole Parachinar. This wholesome experience offers an unbelievable view of all adjoining villages.

If you love to trek you may continue beyond this spot, it takes you to the Sapari Bangalow. The cottage is built in the lap of lush green mountain ranges. Trekking groups stay here overnight, lit bonfires, prepare BBQs and many carry musical instruments with them such as Rabab. The whole night, they entertain themselves and also, perform a traditional dance called, Attan.

Parachinar also serves as a gateway of trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan. You will find lots of export goods in the markets.

If you are planning to visit Parachinar, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our partner company, Let’s Explore Pakistan has detailed information and can assist you with a customized itinerary for a hassle-free and memorable trip to Parachinar.

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