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Pakistan’s Most Thrilling Treks: A Guide to Adventure


Are you tired of the same old tourist hotspots and looking for something a little more off the beaten path? Look no further than Pakistan, a land of natural wonders and thrilling treks that are sure to get your heart racing.

From the rivers that irrigate the country’s agricultural lands (and make for some pretty epic whitewater rafting) to the canal system recognized as the best in the world, Pakistan has no shortage of natural beauty. And when the seasons are in full swing, you can expect to see a colorful array of birds migrating to the country to take advantage of the fruit-laden orchards and farms. Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers too – their fragrant blooms are sure to rejuvenate your soul.

But the beauty of Pakistan doesn’t stop at its landscape. The country is also home to some of the most peaceful and serene lakes nestled in the lap of the mountains, making for the most romantic of backdrops. And let’s not forget about the domestic livestock grazing on the lush green pastures – it’s a sight you won’t soon forget. (Pro tip: keep an eye out for the cows with colorful patches and horses with silky manes. They’re total Instagram bait.)

But wait, there’s more! In addition to its rich culture, cherished traditions, and mouth-watering cuisines, Pakistan is also home to a number of hidden natural wonders that you won’t find in your typical tourist guide. That’s where we come in. At Candle Light, our mission is to bring these hidden gems to the forefront and give you the inside scoop on all the amazing things Pakistan has to offer.

Speaking of amazing things, let’s talk about the treks. Adventure seekers and climbers, get ready to be thrilled! Pakistan has no shortage of challenging and exciting treks that are sure to test your limits and satisfy your craving for adrenaline. Just make sure to bring along an experienced guide (and all the necessary gear) before tackling any of these beasts.

The Best Treks in Pakistan for the Adventurous Traveler

Pakistan is a land of natural beauty and thrilling adventures, and that definitely includes some top-notch treks for the adventurer in all of us. From the Margalla Hills in Islamabad to the treacherous K2 Expedition via Baltaro Glacier, Pakistan has a trek to suit every skill level and interest.

For those looking for a more moderate trek, the Dunga Gali-Ayubia Track located in Dunga Gali might be just the thing. Or, for a shorter trek with stunning views, try the Miranjani trek just a few hours from Nathia Gali in Abbottabad. And if you’re feeling really ambitious, the trek to the highest plateau in the world at Deosai National Park is a must-do.

But it’s not just the mountains that have amazing treks – Pakistan’s lakes also offer some incredible opportunities for adventure. The Trek to Barah Broq near Skardu and the Trek to Lake Borit alongside the Passu cones in Gilgit-Baltistan are both must-sees for the lake lover. And for a true off-the-beaten-path experience, check out the Chitta Katha Lake trek in the Shounter Valley in Azad Kashmir.

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And those are just a few of the many treks Pakistan has to offer. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the world of trekking, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful country. So grab your hiking boots and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Wait is Over! Here is the list of most talked treks in Pakistan

S.No Treks Location
1 Margalla Hills 6 trails can be explored in Margalla Hills located in Islamabad.
2 K2 Expedition via Baltaro Glacier – The Highest Mountain in Pakistan 60 km long trek to K2 base camp. K2 is the second highest peak in the world at 8611 meters.
3 Dunga Gali-Ayubia Track Located at Dunga Gali, also known as pipeline track.
4 Miranjani 3 hours trek from Nathia Gali, located in East from Abbottabad.
5 Deosai National Park Accessible from Skardu also the second highest plateau in the world.
6 Trek to Barah Broq Located near Skardu
7 Trek to Lake Borit Located alongside Passu cones in Gilgit-Baltistan
8 Chitta Katha Lake Located in Shounter Valley in Azad Kashmir, close to Angar Kel
9 Kel – Taobat Trek Passing by Gurez valley, green patch and Neelum river follow you along your path.
10 Rakaposhi Base Camp Trek Trek starts from Hunza in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB). Rakaposhi is the 27th highest peak in the world
11 Naltar Valley Trek Trek to Naltar Lakes and other adjoining mountains.
12 Hushe Valley Trek Trek starts from Hushe Valley ahead of Skardu.
13 Masherbrum Base Camp Trek Trek starts from Hushe Valley ahead of Skardu.
14 Spantik Base Camp and Haramosh La Trek Trek Starts from Skardu
15 K6/K7 Peak Trek Starts from Hushe Valley in GB
16 K2 Popular Concordia Trek Starts from Askole, at some distance from Skardu.
17 Battura Trek Starts from Passu Cones in GB.
18 Hunza – Patundas Trek Starts from Hunza
19 Diran Base Camp Starts from Minapin in GB.
20 Hunza –  Rashphari Trek Starts from Hoper in GB
21 Chauperson Starts from Baba Gundi in GB
22 Nanga Parbat Known as the abode of fairies. Starts from Tarashing in Chilas.
23 Trich Mir Trek Starts from Uthul in Chitral.
24 Haramosh pass and Laila Trek Starts from Haramosh pass in GB
25 Khurdopin Pass Shimshal Trek Trek Starts alongside trail of K2 base camp trek
26 Shimshal – Minglik Sar Trek Starts from Passu in Hunza
27 Karomber Lake Trek Located on the boundary of Broghil valley chitral and Ishkoman in GB.
28 Kutwal Lake Trek Located in Haramosh Valley
29 Dagri Bangla Trek Starts from Thandiani in Abbottabad
30 Golen – Buni Zom BC – Phargram Trek Located in Chitral
31 Gol National Park Trek Located in Chitral
32 Laspur to Kumrat via Beshqar Gol Pass Located in Chitral
33 Bari Lake Thui Pass Trek Starts from Gilgit in GB
34 Naran to Kashmir Hike (Besal-Saral-Surgan-Sharda) Starts from Naran/Kaghan
35 Kalash Valley Chitral Trek Located in Chitral
36 Laspur to Mahodand via Katchi Khani Pass Located ahead of Swat in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
37 Trekking Adventure in Koh e Suleman Located in Balochistan
38 Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat Base Camp Located in Diamer district of Gilgit/Baltistan, near base camp site of Nanga Parbat.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to Pakistan for a vacation like no other. Just make sure to bring your sense of adventure and your appetite – you’re going to need it.

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