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Neelum Valley Guide – Complete Guide

Neelum Valley

Let’s Explore Neelum Valley

Known to be ‘Drawa’ now called Neelum Valley, this place spreads on seventy five miles with mountains giant and carpeted with greenery. Villages are nearly hundred with beauty in abundant, Neelum river enters from one end and to other lies cities big and wealthy.

Shells of mortars and pellets of guns our neighbor sometimes become cruel than none; God is the best planner this everyone knows, tales of its beauty overcome bruises and burns.

East to West its heaven’s sight, all the sceneries are so much delight. Orchards and springs are lined with flowers; aroma of wood burning and tea steaming in kettle – makes mouth water.

Hills are green, streams are blue, woods are brown, sky has weathers clue; hiking is must if you are wanderlust; without exploring lakes and peaks your journey is incomplete.

Hold your nerves, fairyland is yet to come without good boots you will miss fun. Up in the mountains lies the paradise – words end here imagination takes you on the ride.

Sky is the limit – scenery has no match; Neelum Valley is the dreamland, your wishes here come true.

Are you wondering where to go? Don’t worry we will let you know. Keran and Sharda lies few miles apart – after Muzaffarabad you will split apart.

After Sharda come Kel, take right and you will find place called Aurang kel. Travel some miles and you will reach Taobat one side is our tyrant neighbor and other leads to a place called heavens opus.

Explore (How to Reach Neelum Valley)?

Neelum Valley

Explore (When to Plan a Trip to Neelum Valley)?

May, June, July, August

These months mark start of spring and summer, roads are shiny and clear and you can enjoy all the sceneries; fauna and flower, jaw dropping waterfalls and valleys are booming at fullest. 

Sep, Oct, Nov

Autumn is settling in the Neelum Valley and like most of the north, the chilly breeze are gradually taking over. Trees shedding leaves – lining roadsides and crumbling of dry leaves when you walk over them are overwhelming.  Leaves turning red, orange and yellow from green, making sunsets and dawn truly romantic.

Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar

Not all of Neelum Valley is closed for traveling in winters but you can travel very limited.  It is best advised to plan trips in summer if you really want to enjoy and capture the heavenly sight of Neelum valley, undoubtedly winters are exquisite and mesmerizing with valley covered with snow and lakes frozen, this view you cannot witness anywhere after winters.  

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Explore (What To Do In Neelum Valley)?

Neelum Valley is filled with adventure and sightseeing. For the daredevils sky is the limit. Trekker, climbers and mountaineers call it their second home, tourists and travels are never fed from its evergreen colors. Mountain Tourism, Religious Tourism, Archeological Sites and leisure tours are main attraction of Neelum Valley.


Pir Chinasi Burzi Trek Chitha Katha Lake Trek Mangla Dam Walking Track
Chunj Pahari Jhaag Waterfall Trek Dhak Jheel Trek Deosai Trek
Toli Peer Patlian Jheel Trek Sarawaali Peak Base Camp Trek
Ganga Choti Snow Lake Trek Gagai Trek
Babon Highlands Ratti Gali Trek Kishan Ghati Trek

Fishing, Rafting and Majestic Dams

Neelum River and other tributaries offer great variety of fishes and you can do fishing with them. You can do rafting in Neelum River and its tributaries and witness majestic Mangla dam and Neelum Dam.

Archeological Trips to ancient remains and centuries old ruins of forts

Mangla Fort Sharda Peeth Baghsar Fort
Mirpur Old City Ruins Burjun Fort Karjai Fort
Ramkot Fort Ali baig Gurdwara
Red Fort Rawalakot Gurdwara
Old Hindu Temple Throchi Fort

Religious Trips

Darbar e Alia Khari Sharif
Mazar Miran Mir Sarkar
Samwal Shareef
Mazar Baba Shadi Shaheed
Sain Saheeli Sarkar Darbar

Exploring Local Cuisine

Kitchen design in Kashmir was very iconic and still today you will find it in many places. Large chimney runs through center of wall, wooden shelves decorated with cutlery and other kitchen items on each side. At the bottom of chimney you will find a stove with iron plate. In many places where there is no gas, people burn wood under stove otherwise gas stoves have replaced them. In most of the Neelum Valley gas is not available they burn wood instead.

Kashmiri Zarda

Also Called Modur Pulao, this sweet dish is seasoned with Saffron and dried fruits. The taste and aroma of this dish will urge you long for more.

Kashmiri Aab Gosht

This dish is prepared with mutton and milk, seasoned with variety of spices. 


Shredded mutton which is turned into meat balls are cooked in gravy made from yoghurt and spices. This is very special dish and cooked on very selective occasions. also called the royal dish in Kashmir, this is must try once in your lifetime dish.


Lamb cooked in Yoghurt curry, seasoned with cockscomb flowers (Mawal flower found in Kashmir), cardamoms, spices, and fennels seeds. Kashmiri’s like meat and for this reason if you are mutton and lamb lover, you will be spending time of your life in Kashmir. Yakhni is one of the most delicious and special dish of Kashmir.

Makai ki Roti and Makhan

In the Breakfast, fresh dairy products can serve as your day starters. Fresh baked maize tortilla with dairy butter spread on its top will leave you amazed and your appetite craving for more.

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Beans with Rice

Red beans and white beans are the favorite pulse across Pakistan South Asia. Bean cooked in thick gravy and served with white rice, seasoned  with sauces is the favorite dish of Kashmiri’s.


Mutton pieces chopped and grilled on Tawa (flat frying pan). Onion, tomatoes, garlic paste and green chilies are grilled along chopped mutton. The experience of cooking mutton on flat pan gives it a very lip smacking taste.

Tabak Maaz

Dish prepared with Lamb Ribs. Marinade with milk and sauces this dish is very unique 

Kashmiri Chai

Kashmiri tea is in menu lists everywhere; in café’s, events and special occasions. Prepared with dry fruits, milk and salt and served with baked breads also called ‘Kulcha’.

Dry Fruits

Some dry fruits are found in abundance in Kashmir and i.e. Walnut, Figs and Apricot.

Explore (Places to see in Neelum valley)?

Neelum Valley

Exploring New Culture?

Kashmiri Pheran (Kameez or Shirt) and dress worn in Kel embellished with embroidery are famous local dresses.

Similarly, they speak variety of languages which includes, Gojri, Hindko, Shina, Kashmiri, Pushtou and some distinct languages too.

Locals are very good in making handmade crafts. Kashmiri embroidery on dresses and shawls is very famous and people form far flung areas of country order from here.

They are also many shrines where followers visit to pay tribute. Medicinal plants and gemstones are also found in Neelum Valley with Timber in Abundant.

Before you Explore, Remember!

  • Gurez valley remains closed for 5 months in winters
  • SCOM sims are important
  • Mobile networks and signals are not available in the areas beyond Muzaffarabad
  • Ahead of Keran, Roads need very good Ground Clearance and Maintained vehicles
  • Cross border clashes often lead to closure of the area
  • 3G/4G/Internet is not available
  • Always Keep Warm Clothes and complete travel gear with you. For trekkers and climbers take professional advice.
  • Landslides are rampant and it causes road closures often, always check route updates before you plan your tour. and Let’s Explore Pakistan are pleased to acknowledge the contributions made by Ruqqaya Ashraf (A wanderlust and travel enthusiast) for sharing details of Neelum Valley for this guide. She can be reached at

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