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Murree and Galiyat Travel Guide – Complete Guide


Let’s Explore Murree and Galiyat

Warm hugs make adrenaline rush – tip to toe sights are deluxe. Embracing clouds take you to the valley; alleys are green, hills nice and steady.  Wolves and carnivores roam at night, growls and howls are real frights. United we stand, they say is real, roaming in packs takes away all fear.

Breezes carry love, land on your cheeks and brings cute blush. Winner is the one – hikes and open eyes to the beauty. Lazy and tired eat good foods –snaps and games change their route.

Goods are pouring out from carts, open your wallet and buy things smart. They say, gifts make relations healthy – Antiques from Murree can drive them crazy.

Spots are many but need more pennies – make your journeys memorable and great. Let’s Explore are the best! Like them – not many.

Built in 1800’s, Englishmen did all the work – it was the high place and well revered.

Explore (How to Reach Murree)?


Explore (When to Plan a trip to Murree and Galiyat)?

April, May, June July, August

Spring season is the busiest and a great time for visitors to explore Murree and places around to its fullest. In summers although the temperature sours high but the altitude keeps weather enjoyable,  visitors turn to Murree in large number as vacation from schools and colleges allows everyone to pack up and travel.  Finding lodging and accommodation in this season becomes challenging, stay in contact with good tour companies to secure your accommodation.

Sep, Oct, Nov

Autumn overshadows summer season and travelers visit less frequent and as a result, prices get low and finding accommodation gets easy. This season has unique perks of natural beauty.

Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar

Winters are tearing the water pipes apart and even the locals find shelter from Cold by traveling to other areas of Punjab, especially Rawalpindi. Tourists Volume is very low in winters but if you are a snowfall lover it’s worth a visit. Remember road jams are frequent and hotels very sporadic.

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Explore (What to do in Murree and Galiyat)?


  • Trek Mushkpuri (3 hours) – treks from Nathiagali and Dunga Gali. (family trek)
  • Trek Miranjani (5km)– trek from Governor house Nathiagali , Galiyat
  • Dagri Bunglow trek(11.5km) – Namli Gali to Dagri via Miranjani diversion
  • Thandiani Trek ( 38km)– Dagri to Beran Gali  and then Nathiagali. (Difficult)
  • Pipeline trek (3.5k) – Dunga Gali to ayubia, leisure walking trek
  • Ayubia to Khanaspure trek
  • Ayubia to Changla Gali trek
  • Nathiagali to Lalazar trek
  • Takia to Havelian trek
  • Burj-Patriate trek (8.5km) – From Burj Kotli Sattian to Patriata Top

Chair Lift/Cable Car

  • Patriata cable cars – you can enjoys whole stunning view of Galiyat region and Murree
  • Ayubia chairlift
  • Pindi point chairlift

Other Things to do:

  • Horse Ride
  • Plenty of games for kids
  • Camping adventures
  • Bonfires in the cold winter nights
  • The Golf Course at Bhurban called Chinar Golf Club attracts many golfers in pursuit of game with heavenly landscape.

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Exploring Local Cuisine

Local, traditional, Continental and other much talked foods are available round the clock on this route. As weather remains cold year round – stalls of soup, Coffee, Tea and French fries are everywhere.

Chefs and restaurant offer variety of cuisines:

Fast foods, mouthwatering breakfasts and brunches (in winters, Desi Nashta is the best starter)

For Lunch and Dinners you will find:

Karahi, champ (Lamb/mutton ribs barbequed), biryani, Pulao, Tikka, Kebab, Kabuli pulao, Fish, Thaali (Platter with handful of dishes), Handi, Vegetable and Pulses, Desserts and etc.

Explore (Places to See in Murree and Galiyat)?


Exploring ‘New culture’?

With tourists flocking to Murree and Galiyat language is no more an issue. It is the most accessible tour spot from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. In Murree you can interact with locals in Urdu and English, they speak Potohari and Hindko language as it is spoken mostly by people in this region.

Those traveling to Islamabad are especially recommended to visit Murree by friends and family, for many Galiyat is an unexplored destination. Shopping from Mall road Murree, is real excitement. There are variety of shops decorated with gift items, apparels, light jewelry and kids items – street hawkers, street performers and bird men (holding hawks and owls on their hands and offer them to you for holding and taking snaps) are common sights.

You will also find embroidery cloths in shops and also variety of cultural hats/shawls worn by people such as, Chitrali hat, Swati hat, Gilgiti hat, Sindhi Ajrak, shawls and waist coats.  Pouches adorned with needle work and embroidery are hanged on every shops entrance, attracting every onlooker to enter and explore more such items which one can present as souvenir and gift from Murree to friends and family upon return.

Before You Explore! Remember:

  • Mobile Signals are weak in some places in Galiyat region.
  • 3G/4G/Internet is not good in hilly areas.
  • Keep Warm Clothes in autumn and winter season and complete travel gear with you, if you have planned a trekking.
  • Landslides are rampant and it causes road closures often, always check route updates before you plan your tour.

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