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Lahore Travel Guide – Complete Guide


Lahore is one of the ancient cities of Pakistan. It shares Border with India; known as a famous ‘Wahga Border’. It is also the capital district of Punjab, the biggest province of Pakistan in terms of population and political mandate.

The Northern and central Punjab is home to big towns with advance infrastructure while, southern Punjab though home to centuries-old historical towns struggles with socio-economic issues, a high rate of illiteracy and inefficient infrastructure.

Cities like Rawalpindi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Sargodha, etc. lie above southern Punjab whereas, Multan, Bahawalpur, Muzaffargarh, etc. fall in south Punjab. Overall in Punjab, the Government led by Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz has carried out enormous projects to improve infrastructure and this is evident from Motorways and roads built to connect cities and small towns/ villages.

Mughal Empire ruled for nearly two centuries in this region and the walled city of Lahore holds great historic importance due to monuments built by Mughals during their reign. Mughal emperors had immense love for art and architecture, ancient forts and aesthetically carved monuments give the city its unique vibrancy and prominence. Lahore is also called the ‘City of Gardens’.

People from across the world come here for two main reasons:

  1. Rich history with century’s old preserved forts, mosque, monuments, shrines and other valuable cultural and national landmarks.
  2. Food
  • Places to See in City of Gardens (Historic)
  1. Lahore Fort (Shahi Qila)
  2. Badshahi Mosque
  3. Masjid Wazir Khan
  4. Shalimar Gardens
  5. The Minar e Pakistan
  6. Lahore Wahga Border
  7. Walled City (Old Lahore)
  8. Lahore Museum
  9. Chauburji
  10. Lahore Railway Station
  11. Data Darbar
  12. Delhi Gate
  13. Jehangir’s Tomb
  14. Mubarak Haveli
  15. Faqir Khana Museum
  16. Tomb of Nur Jahan
  17. Sunehri Masjid
  18. Gurdwara of Arjan Dev
  19. Wazir Khan Shahi Hamam (royal bath)
  20. Tomb of Anarkali
  21. Sheesh Mahal in Lahore Fort
  22. Bibi Pak Daman
  23.  The Tomb of Cypress
  24. The Mosque of Mariyam Zamani Begum
  25.  Haveli of Nau Nihal Singh

Locations: All the Locations can be found in the Map shared Below.

  • Best Places for Food in Lahore
  1. Paaye from Manoo Siri Paaye
  2. Falooda from Baba Ji Kulfi Walay
  3. Beef Khoya Tikka from Shafi Tikka Shop
  4. Besan-Fried Rahu from Bashir Dar ul Mahi
  5. Hareesa by Amritsari Hareesa
  6. Taka Tak from Kaka
  7. Nihari from Waris Nihari House
  8. Karahi from Butt Karahi
  9. Chanay from Jeela Chanay Wala
  10. Samosa Cholay from Best Samosa Shop
  11. Paitha and Gajar Ka Halwa from Butt Sweets
  12. Cone from Alamgir Waffle Cone
  13. Dahi Bhallay from Nafees Dahi Bhallay
  14. Doodh Jalebi from Gawalmandi
  15. Rabri from Yousaf Falooda
  16. Halwa Puri
  17. Arif Chatkhara
  18. Café Aylanto
  19. Freddy’s Café
  20. Cosa Nostra
  21. Yumm
  22. Arcadian Café
  23. Jade Café by China Town
  24. Wasabi
  25. Dervish
  26. Haveli 
  27. Bashir Dar ul Mahi
  28. Mohammadi Nihari
  29. Fujiyama
  30. Qabail
  31. Lahori Kunafa
  32. Lahori Tawwa Chicken
  33. Lahori Gol Gappay
  34. Lahori Qeem filled Naan
  35. Laddu Peethi
  36. Lassi

Locations: All the Locations can be found in the Map shared Below.

  • Mega Shopping Malls in Lahore
  1. Emporium Mall
  2. Packages Mall
  3. The Mall of Lahore
  4. Fortress Stadium
  5. Amanah Mall
  6. Mall of Defense
  7. PACE
  8. Mall One
  9. Gulberg Galleria

Locations: All the Locations can be found in the Map shared Below.

  • Famous Places to See in City of Gardens
  1. Food Street
  2. Sozo Water Park
  3. Alhamra Art Gallery
  4. Gawalmandi Food Street
  5. Anarkali Bazar
  6. Liberty Market
  7. MM Alam Road
  8. Shalmi
  9. Grand Jamia Mosque
  10. Replica of Eiffel tower
  11. Lahore Zoo
  12. Mini Golf Club
  13. Pak Tea House
  14. Jallo Park
  15. Army Museum

Locations: All the Locations can be found in the Map shared Below.

  • Best Places for Accommodation in Lahore
  1. PC Lahore
  2. Hotel One
  3. Nishat Hotel
  4. Residency Hotel
  5. Lexus Grand hotel
  6. Rose Palace Hotel
  7. Lahore Palace Hotel
  8. Tourist Inn Hotel
  9. Gulberg Continental Hotel
  10. Green Fort Hotel
  11. Mall View Hotel
  12. Hotel Grand Palace
  13. Bravo Hotel Lahore

Locations: All the Locations can be found in the Map shared Below.

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  • Best Fun Places for Kids in Lahore
  1. Joyland
  2. Sindbad’s wonderland
  3. Fantasy land
  4. Kidz Klub
  5. Humpty Dumpty
  6. Wonderworld
  7. Super Space
  8. Skyland Water park
  9. Sozo Water park
  10. Topsy Turvy
  11. Happy Acres
  12. Fun Factory

Locations: All the Locations can be found in the Map shared Below.

  • One Day Trips from Lahore
  • Katas Raj Temple
  • Nankana Sahib
  • Khewra Salt mines
  • Rohtas Fort
  • Swaik Lake
  • Neelwan Valley; Kalar Kahar
  • Islamabad
  • Murree
  • Safari Park
  • Soon Sakesar Valley
  • Khanpur Dam
  • Rana Resort
  • Hiran Minar
  • Taxila Tours
  • Harappa Indus valley civilization

Locations: All the Locations can be found in the Map shared Below.

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Lahore and Northern Areas

  • First Stop Islamabad (4 hours from Lahore)
  • Swat
  • Kashmir
  • Chitral
  • Gilgit/Baltistan
  • Parachinar
  • Abbottabad/Nathiaglai/Ayubia

Lahore’s Culture

Lahore is home to people with diverse cultures and origins. Many people from other parts of the country like Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Sindh and Northern areas have settled here to earn a livelihood. Also, students and businessmen tend to locate to City of Gardens due to better opportunities and big markets.

Its culture is marked with local festivals, cheerful events complimented by graceful and lively nature of people. They celebrate every occasion with the utmost joy and entertainment.

Basant festival one of the trademark festivals celebrated in the City of Gardens has been banned recently by the government due to harm inflicted by the use of sharp threads for kite flying. People spend lavishly on this event but due to ban people cannot celebrate it now. Punjabi is the main dialect of people in Lahore, Pashto, Siraiki, Balochi, Urdu, and Potohari languages are also spoken in Lahore. People are well educated and therefore foreigners visiting the City of Gardens face no issue related to language as a majority can understand and speak English. 




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