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Hunza Valley Travel Guide – Complete Guide

Hunza Valley

Let’s Explore ‘Hunza Valley’

Hunza Valley river banks are the magical flanks; it is a story of every travelers dreamland.

Sight of trees tall and narrow and the rays of sun busking between shades and shadow – turn your gaze to right, orchards laden with fruits and antiques of no less surprise. Turn to left and discover the peaks capped with snow and glaciers that flow on winter’s demise.

Wait, story is yet not over. Colors of autumn, spring, summer and winter are bright and fuller. People there don’t put scents, with the breeze sits on them fragrance of fresh fruits and flower. They are adorable shinning just like Ruby and Sapphire.

Meals ready on ashes of wood, tasty beyond your cities best food ever cooked. If you pulled your hand from trying their sauces, Rupee or Dollar can never pay for these losses.

Explore How to Reach Hunza Valley?

Hunza Valley
Huna Valley

Explore (When to Plan a trip to Hunza)?

Best time to Visit Hunza Valley is: Springs and Summers and it falls in April, May, June July and August when Apricot are blooming.

To witness the heavenly colors of Autumn (Moderate – Very Cold) you can visit in Sep, Oct and Nov

Avoid Traveling in Dec, Jan, Feb and Mar. In these months winters brutally invade Hunza valley. All across Hunza Valley, you will find white blanket of snow with bone frosting chilly weather.

Exploring local Cuisine

Burus Sapik

This dish is actually ‘chapati’ or ‘tortilla’, stuffed with cheese. With the cheese they top it with apricot oil.  Locally they call this dish ‘Burus Sapik’. For recipe click here

Almond Chicken

With plenty of almonds in Hunza, there is this dish which stands out and appeals to onlooker’s appetite.

Chickens pieces roasted and seasoned with crushed almonds and corianders and served with sauces and rice or tortillas is the mouth-watering feast. For recipe click here

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Fruit Syrup Go-lee

Slightly heat Hunza berries onto the saucepan and once you observe syrup is formed just turn off the burner. Now, your it’s good to be poured on Go-lee or Giyaling and served with cream. For recipe click here

Biranch Syrup

Mulberries called ‘Biranch’ are plentiful in Hunza. Dried fruits often consist of black and white mulberries there. The mulberry syrup is very delicious and need slow heating to get in shape. For this reason due to limited resources like, firewood’s it is made occasionally. Find out recipe here.

Apricots of Hunza

Apricots are the most famous summer treats of Hunza and you will nearly find them in all variety of cuisines and meals. Apricot soup, dried apricots, apricot juices, apricot flour and sauces are to name few. This is medicinal benefits as well like, helps to keep your metabolism active in cold, helps in curing stomach problems and etc.

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Explore (What to do in Hunza)?

Hunza offers variety of attraction points to its visitors. From foods to its people and from activities to breathtaking landscape, it keep’s one amazed throughout their trip to Hunza.

Visitors can plan fishing in Hunza River, with variety of fresh water fishes you can enjoy them in your meal.

Hunting can be planned but for that you need hunting license and permission from local administration. Variety of hunting species of birds and animals are found in Khunjerab National Park.

If you are a horse lover, you can also take horse-riding enjoying alongside the beautiful natural scenery

Arrange your honeymoon or wedding reception in Hunza. To get everyone with surprise you may book a hotel or spot which sums up the beauty of Hunza from rooftop.

Trekking can be done on many trails around Hunza as it lies between mountains and high lands.

Camping is another sound option for fun loving visitors. To witness the colors of Hunza from dawn to dusk and also, flower and fauna don’t miss the chance to post your camps high on meadows. Star trails are the catchiest sight for photographers.

Unique natural landscape allows you to carry out your photo-shoots. With best photographers now available in Hunza you can always avail this opportunity. Models and celebrities with often are spotted with their crew performing shooting or scene production activity in Hunza.


Hunza is the valley of exquisite mountain tops. In all directions you will finds peaks of varying heights. The stunning view of all the “Thousanders” is the lifetime memory this valley exclusively offers to its visitors. I is the main activity carried out by climbers who are attracted to magnificent peaks of North Pakistan.

Explore (Places to See in Hunza)?

Exploring ‘New Culture’?

The hospitality offered by residents of Hunza and its peripheries are remarkable. Once landed in town the warmth of their affection and calmness of their thoughts will leave longtime impression on your memory. Languages spoken by the locals are Burushaski, Wakhi and Shina but they can speak fluent English and understand urdu well.

You won’t just capture the sight of most thrilling and mind blowing landscape but also creatively carved handmade artifacts are the best souvenirs. The handicrafts of Hunza people are highly demanded across Pakistan and dried fruits have no parallel in taste and crisp.

Before You Explore! Remember:

  • Mobile Signal are weak throughout Hunza Valley in whatever direction you travel
  • 3G/4G/Internet is not good even in Good Hotels
  • Keep Warm Clothes and complete travel gear with you. For trekkers and climbers take professional advice
  • Roads are often block and landslide are normal in the area, causing frequent road closures
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