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Exclusive Guide: Rape “Numbers Speak Of Our Misery”


In the past few years, a drastic increase in the rape and sexual harassment cases across Pakistan has been reported. Every civilisation is facing the awful breach in the norms of its society. The question is how and why Rape culture has gathered the courage to thrive at this indecent pace? Law against rape exists but they are doing nothing to prevent it. Is there any flaw in the policy or ineptness of our LEA’s and judicial system?

If we look into the past, children used to play on the streets, at the neighbours’ house and were free to go outside and enjoy the gathering of relatives at their homes. What has reared this nasty mindset in our society – pushing once peaceful community into shambles?

World’s Rape Statistics 2020

According to the World Population Review, approximately 35% of women worldwide experienced some sort of sexual harassment in their life. Women of age between 16-19 years (teenagers) are 4 times more likely to be victims of Sexual abuse or Rape. Those between the age 18-24 years (most of them are college students) are 3 times more likely to experience sexual assault. People with some disabilities and transgender are twice as likely to be victims of such heinous crimes. 

Statistics of Violence, Rape and Sexual Abuse in America

America, a superpower country and home to one of the Civilised societies across the globe, is also helpless to prevent the wildfire of domestic violence, sexual abuse and an immense number of rape cases. The stats are draconian and frightening.

Millions of Americans suffer from sexual assaults. In every 73 seconds, an American is abused sexually. On Average 433,648 are the victims of sexual abuse and rape. These victims are reported to be of age 12 years or older. If we talk about the ratio of women, we came to know that out of 6 women 1 is sexually harassed, raped or attempted to rape.

In 1 out of 10 rape cases, the victims are males. 3% of American men (1 out of 33) are the victims of sexual violence (either raped or victim of rape attempt). Transgender is also facing violence with similar severity.

Child abuse also prevails widely and every 9 minutes a child is abused or assaulted sexually. 1 out of 9 girls and 1 in 53 boys, experienced assault or abused sexually.


Rape Culture in Pakistan

Rape, sexual assault and child abuse are the unlawful and forbidden activities in Islam. These are strictly discouraged by law and culprits are subject to strict punishment, but facts and figures are telling the other story in Pakistan.

According to the report by The Nation, A woman is raped every 2 hours in Pakistan.

The rate of child abuse at the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is deplorable. According to the recent report, more boys than girls, age 6-15 years are reported as victims in 2019. Humanity above all is put to shame with the agonizing fact that children of age 0-5 years are also sexually abused in Pakistan.

In a single year, 778 Abduction cases, 405 cases of missing children, 348 Sodomy, 205 Gang sodomy cases, 279 Rape, while 210 rape attempt and 115 Gang rape cases were reported.

53% of cases were reported in Punjab, 30% in Sindh, 6% in KPK and 2% reported from Baluchistan. 7% of cases were also reported from the Capital of the country “Islamabad”.

The percentage of AJK and GB region is far less than the other regions of the country.

Most of the rape cases are went unreported because of victims fear, Shaming, family rapport and status, fear of reprisal or sometimes cases are not taken seriously by law enforcement agencies. And many remain silent to protect the Honour of their family.

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Instructions for Parents

In many cases of child abuses, the culprits turned out to be relatives, neighbours or close friends. People with psychopathic and maniacal behaviour use some tactics of threatening, or with some toys and candies to grab kid’s attention. Unfortunately, working parents suffer the most since they can’t look up their children 24/7.  

Some signs which may help you to detect the incident

Sexual abuse has a profound effect on physical and mental wellbeing. It disturbs the physical appearance and may cause physical injury with a wide range of sexual and reproductive complications. Here some signs mentioned which may help you to identify the incident happened to the children.

Sudden difficulty in walking, the problem in sitting, blood scars on undergarments, scars of injury on the body, pain at hidden or private body parts, psychological stress, anti-social behaviour, protesting or crying when it’s time to go to school or any particular place, or being watchful all the time, shying from a specific person, running away from home or nightmares, pregnancy (among unmarried girls) or STD before the age of adolescent.


Factors that elevate the rape culture and violence

There are countless factors which cause and aggravate this indecent behaviour among people.

“Drugs abuse, Alcoholism, coercive sexual fantasies, attitude and beliefs, Reprisal/ Revenge, Desperate lifestyle, late marriages, early childhood environment, failure of living in relationship, Porn Industry, Internet access, Fashion industry, Non-register Madrassa system, child trafficking, Sexual advance at school or colleges (demand of sex in return of any favour), previous history of being raped or abused. Incidents of child abuse are often associated with a dark web, where culprits for some personal gains put to stake the grace of innocent lives.”

Consequences of rape, sexual assaults and child abuse

We can’t sweep the truth under the carpet; physical injuries are not always the only outcomes of rape and sexual abuse. Fatalities also occur and there are other known consequences such as effects on social wellbeing, mental health and reproductive disorders among the victims.

“Pregnancy and gynaecological problems, STD, Suicidal behaviour and attempts, Anti- social attitude, drug abuse, PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder), Anger, shock, numbness, sense of vulnerability, fear, loss of control,  depression, nightmares are reported by victims in aftermaths of such cases.”

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What we can do to prevent sexual violence

  • We should educate our children about good touch and bad touch
  • There should be a proper change in the educational curriculum
  • Parents should guide their children about body transitional and hormonal changes 
  • Parents should visit school, college or Madrassa off and on to keep the check on all activities.
  • We should promote marriage culture (propagate the beautiful message of Islam)
  • We should have a better sense of fashion and discourage indecency
  • Avoid alcohol and drug abuse
  • The government should ban at first place all the porn and child trafficking websites
  • Strict actions must be initiated against these crimes with a zero-tolerance policy
  • Psychological care and support to the most vulnerable
  • Life skills and other educational activities
  • Strict amendment and reforms in constitution with regards to Rape, Paedophilia Sexual violence other harassments activities
  • Registration of teachers at school, colleges and Madaris
  • Community activism

In a nutshell, it has to be noted that rape culture, child abuse and objectification of women has become an unwanted routine in our society. We as a part of society are unknowingly flourishing this Evil around us.

Why we laugh or make sexiest jokes? Why do we think or do things which objectify or sexualize a certain gender? Why misandry or misogyny exists among the civilised society? Our slightest joke, our perception and attitude to the opposite genders are silently contributing to this heinous culture of rape. If we can’t eliminate evil, we can prevent it instead.

Guest Writer: Candlelight Guide dearly acknowledges the valuable contribution by Fawad Bashir (Doctor of Pharmacy, Final Year) in this exclusive guide. You can also share your feedback with Fawad at

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  1. Taskeen Bangash

    This is a very sensitive topic but it needed attention. This article covers all the relavant things. An appreciable effort!

  2. Junaid Sultan

    Its really a misery in our Muslim country like Pakistan… ashamed to see such numbers of rape and child abuse…heartbreaking

  3. Sadia Akram

    Good effort i think our government should consider this serious problem as it’s ratio is increasing.. Appriciable effort good luck..


    Bro it’s a very important and critical session but this article cover all the things about this shameful and alarming issue of our society ypu do very well Mash’Allah appreciable❤️❤️💚💚

  5. mujєєв

    Everything you Covered Absolutely in a great way I appreciate your efforts and wish you best of luck for your Future.

  6. Muhammad Adil Khan

    Rape is one of the terrible crimes on the earth and according to you it happened in every single second.
    The problem with the group who deal with rape try to educate women how to defence themselves . And what really need to be done to teach men not to rape.

  7. Asma jamal

    Ashamed to see such number of rape cases inpakistan…. This was a critical topic.. And very imformative. We as a human should be ashamed of our self… I appreciate ur efforts brilliant… ♥️

  8. Khawar satti

    I am very sorry to read the article that we live in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan which is based on Islam……
    but overall it was a good attempt to write ab article

  9. Muhammad Junaid

    Very sensitive topic, Which should be discussed at even national (assembly) and international level(UN). It is very sad to hear the facts and figure in our ‘ so called ‘ Islamic country. The punishment of rapist in islam is on board, which should be applicable to all. I think only this thing can prevent this. On the other hand, as you mentioned, educate our child as well. One more thing, i would like to mention here ,that, we should avoid abusage , because many words that are used now a days common lead to this, because our children continuously listen to these foul words, which then trigger such bad urge as well.

  10. Aqsa Fatima

    Besides reported cases cruel number is higher than these figures because
    most of abuse survivors are never believed, secondly due to fear of shame family are sometimes reluctant to report the abuse especially if the abuser or his helper is an influential person and family is financially dependent on it, (may Allah protect all !)

  11. Tasleem Dad

    Dear writer, good work, we have to more work on this sensitive topic and related emerging issues still along way to go. Next must be, how to sensitise the overall segments of our community about it. Good effort, Thumbs up, more power to You.

  12. Maaz Waseem

    It is a sensitive topic. Rape cases and child abuse is often in those places where there is distance from religion, where people do complete their desire and finish the counterpart. I believe the main thing we need to teach our children and our daughters is the basic difference between right and wrong and aware them by showing and guiding them by examples.

    Yes, Thank you Fawad it pretty much covered the rest.

  13. Fawad Bashir

    I can feel your comments ..yes its heartbreaking and painful to see such a draconian figures of sexual violence and rape case in Pakistan…

  14. Fawad Bashir

    Its a world wide crime , there’s a cumulative effort required to counter the violence …
    Its not just about the Islamic country of whatever it is. RAPE, PAEDOPHILIA, SEXUAL ABUSE, MISOGYNY, Social Voilence
    These are the problems of every society..
    We need amendment in our Law and constitution as well as in our behaviours toward other Gender …
    Anyhow, thank you so much guys for your valuable feedback….
    Stay connected ❤

  15. Fawad Bashir

    Thank you Tasleem Dad,
    Yes we are working on its sequel ,to aware more people about the severity of evil..

    Thank you so much Mazz, Junaid and all..
    Your suggestions are valuable .

  16. Aniqa

    Sad to hear about the number of cases in our country.. Such a huge number means these families had passed through the heartwreching time.. We live in a muslim country and in our country the ratio of cases is increasing day by day.. Pathetic situation.. Every female should read this in order to protect herself in such situations..
    Great effort in highligtening the dark side of our society.. 👍

  17. Tanvir Sapra

    Mr.fawad bashir thank you very much for this effort…you point out all the things. Authorties and society should take it on serious note….. awarness family session with children is demand of time…….at the end i salute to your kind honour…….

  18. Sami Abdullah

    Very sensitive issue but ashamed of these stats. These are activities are from Pakistan and we are really shameful. You did a great effort .. May Allah give you more progress in ur life Ameen

  19. Syed ashraf

    Worth to read, good effort you all done by putting all basic and eye opening points. This article should be introduce on newspaper however people read this mind blowing information…

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