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COVID-19: Uncertainty, Panic, and Precautions


Coronaviruses in humans were first discovered in 1965 and it’s responsible for upper respiratory tract infection. This group of the virus is RNA related i.e. Zoonotic, causing diseases in animals. They belong to the family of Coronaviridae, Subfamily Orthocoronavirinaae, and the order of Nidovirales. The COVID-19, novel coronavirus is a new strain of coronavirus that is not previously identified in humans.

Human life is unpredictable and full of uncertainties, especially at the time of pandemics and emergencies. We are going through the age of uncertainty as COVID-19 “A Hidden Killer” is prevailing everywhere. People are struggling during this time with the unemployment crises, financial constraints, health challenges, and mental wellbeing. Nevertheless, governments are facing a tough time due to economic chaos, trade decline, the vulnerability of industries, and hunger outbreak after the current pandemic. These uncertainties and panic are triggering depression, anxiety, and social violence.

COVID-19 with no known treatment as yet is provoking psychological panic. Things that have aggravated the situation and making it more terrible day by day are rumors and controversy theories circulation on Social Media, unreliable information dissemination from Print and Electronic Media, poorly manage Lockdowns and social distancing, Hoarding, Panic Buying, Sudden unemployment and Lack of Medical facilities.

What we can do to lessen the stress and anxiety of COVID-19?

Everyone has their own level of tolerance to depression and anxiety. We can only control the things which are in our hands. The following food for thought may help you to tackle the panic and uncertainty.

A Trustworthy Source of Media

It’s essential to be informed about what’s happening in society but from where we can get useful information is still a question. There are hundreds of websites which are providing valid and fact-based information. You can visit the WHO, CDC, NCBI, GOP, or Candlelight guide.
You should avoid spreading rumors and controversies crawling up your newsfeed by minimizing your screen time. Instead, you can engage yourself in other healthy activities.

Read more for healthy activities during Quarantine here.

Hoarding and Panic Buying

Law and enforcement agencies should establish a mechanism to counter the Hoarding, Black-marketing. We should only buy the necessary groceries and avoid unnecessary shopping.


Lockdown and Social Distancing

According to the mentioned SOPs, Lockdown should be implemented and at an individual level, we should promote social distancing.

Medical Facilities

As every country is somehow facing trouble related to skilled medical staff and shortage of equipment. At the time of the current pandemic, we should promote “Charity and Volunteerism”. It will help in tackling the panic.

The government should grant Funds and Financial Support packages to individuals who lost jobs and small businesses to compensate them for losses during this COVID-19 pandemic.


Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Stay at Home, Maintain Social distancing

  • Use a face mask at crowded places
  • Cover the nose and mouth during coughing and sneezing
  • Frequent hands wash with soap and water or sanitizer containing 60% or more alcohol
  • Avoid touching facial parts (nose, mouth, eyes)
  • Maintain 1-meter distance
  • Take immune boosters such as Vitamin C
  • Sleep well up to 8 hours daily
  • Avoid unnecessary traveling
  • Adopt daily exercise and meditations
  • Avoid irrational or self-medication

Some precautionary measures while you visit hospitals or health care clinics

  1. Don’t visit Hospitals unnecessary because the viral load is more in hospitals
  2. Only 1 attendant should accompany the patient in case of emergency
  3. Don’t bring your healthy children or old age relatives with you
  4. Use mask and gloves while in hospital
  5. Bring your bottle of water, juices or other eating stuff from your homes, don’t use public Water coolers
  6. Don’t use public toilets.
  7. Use a Telemedicine procedure if you need any information about medicine, treatment, etc.

We are supposed to be a Healer of pain and Reliever of fears and anxiety. By adopting precautions and preventative measures, we can alleviate the panic and uncertainty because if we want to win the battle against the “Hidden Killer” we have to work together.

Guest Writer: Candlelight Guide dearly acknowledges the valuable contribution by Fawad Bashir (Doctor of Pharmacy, Final Year). You can share your feedback at

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