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How to Best Spend Your Day in Quarantine? Explore Here…


No doubt lockdown across the globe has pushed everyone behind doors and as you cannot hang out or roam outside all you can do is to find some activity in the comfort of your home.

Candlelight presents some of the means by which you can make your quarantine entertaining yet productive.

  • Gardening

Everyone likes blooming flowers and blossom of orchards. Now as you are in quarantine you can make a vase out of reusable items found in all homes and sow a seed found in nursery (mostly open as the flowers and stems may die out if not taken care of). Also, you can buy vase in reasonable price from nursery. You can find wide variety of flowers in nursery and you can adorn your lawns and road sides with beautiful flowers. You can sow fruits and vegetables in your lawns and make sure you seek guidance of some gardener to prepare your lawn before sowing seeds, as desired place has to be fertile and adequately maintained to reap good fruit and vegetables. You can also find lots of tutorial online on gardening.

You may also buy beautiful pots with colorful flowers and put them on your kitchen counters and galleries. Don’t forget to water them in routine.

Gardening Tips: Home Gardening, Planet Natural


Women love to cook and bake so, chaps here is the best opportunity to impress your family members as they can’t go out to enjoy their favorite cuisines during the worldwide quarantine. You can cook variety of dishes and if you are not familiar with recipe please search YouTube, you will find it. Also, there are lots of baking tutorials that can be accessed for crispy, crunch baking ideas.

Many renowned chefs are sharing tutorials about how to prepare tasty meals with fewer items which means you can save resources as well.

Sew clothes, also You can learn to stitch Online. You may also work on getting hands-on dress designing.

Cooking Recipes: Food Tribune, Khana Pakana, Runway Pakistan, Sew Guide

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  • Groom your Pets

The best thing you can do is to spend time with your pet; take care of them, groom them, talk to them and make sure they don’t get bored in quarantine! Haha

Yes! Pet lovers can do all these by investing all his/her energy. If you have cats and dogs please don’t let them go out much as the latest study shows they can catch the virus. Also, make sure you keep the surrounding of your pets clean and groom them regularly. If you have kept birds take good care of their foods and cleanliness. If you have lawn play with them there otherwise you can spot a time when not many come out of their homes and you can take your pets for a short walk.

Spend this time as much as you can with your pet’s maybe you can train them for lots of new things. Also, you will learn lot about their personalities.

You may also make an Instagram account for your pet and can share their daily routine and those who don’t have pets might as well spent good time following the activities of your pet.

Grooming Tips: Dog Grooming, Cats Grooming, Pets Shop Pak, Pets One

  • Improve your Skills From Free Online Courses

In the wake of this coronavirus, online course providers have come up with many free online courses and now you can sit back in your cozy bed and learn lots of new skills online as it is the best way to spend your quarantine. Use this time wisely and add skills that otherwise might not be possible with your busy schedule. Recently, Nikon on its official page has announced it will share free videos on basics of photography and video making; don’t forget to check their free videos. Similarly, free online certifications are offered in all domains and experts from all spheres of life are sharing online free classes.

Online Courses Offered at:

Nikon Official,, UDEMY, COURSERA, SKILLSHARE, SKILLSUCCESS, Live Training Lab,, Pakistan Institute Of Computer Sciences, MDi Pakistan Online Training, Harvard Online Courses

  • Write Blogs

If you are good at writing and you are inspired by something, write a small blog post and share it with your family and friends. This way you can keep everyone engaged. Also, you may write small guides just the way does to provide information to others. You can write about your famous celebrity, cosmetics, online games you like, tips for gardening, app development, painting/sketching, cooking/baking and etc. some people are really fond of expressing their thoughts in writing and it is a really good chance for them to keep sharing their blogs with other people.

Those surfing internet might come across your blog and it appeals to their interest and you may gather large number of followers this way. So, start writing today.

Best Bloggers in Pakistan, Best Bloggers in World

  • Make Small Videos

There are people out there who are professional photography or love to do photography and make videos. Although, TikTok has made many stars just with the aid of a single cellphone and no skill at all except you must be good at acting which undoubtedly we all are.  So amid quarantine, it might be difficult to get any event to cover so it’s a perfect idea to make small funny yet informative videos and share on social media. You may share videos to boost the morale of health workers at this crucial time when they all have risked their lives for us in treating our patients in hospitals.

Best Viral Vides

Top Tiktok Videos  

  • Teach Online

If you are good at anything it is good time to impart your services for community and country at large. You may start online teaching and coaching classes for students who want to prepare for their exams. Also you may give online tuitions to students to cover their syllabus. There are lots of online platforms who provide such services you can join them and provide your services. If you are university teacher you can organize online classes to teach your students and also you can start open classes which can be joined by anyone from anywhere to seek knowledge of the subject.

Online Teaching Platforms: Student Park, learning Bytes, Pakistan Online Tuition, Pakistan Tutors

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  • Play With Kids and Make Toys For Them

If you have kids at home this means half your problems are already solved. You will be engaged with them already as kids always seek adventure. You can play with them, cook for them, and make toys for them. Yes! If they have any worn out toys and you were unable to spare from your busy schedule you can repair them. Also, with reusable items at home you can make toys or anything to keep them engaged.

Kid’s entertainment: Sesame Street, Pinterest, Handmade Toys, Baby Toys

  • Perform Maintenance of Worn Out Items

Housewives are lucky to have husband at home and likewise mother glad to have husbands and sons at home. You can place before them all worn out thing that need repair and maintenance. Also, things which need cleaning and dusting but not accessible and need some efforts like vents, windows, lights etc. you may engage them to work. You can share your work and let everyone get involved so nobody feel bored.

Find Tips Here: Ifixit, Family Handyman, Life Hacker, Home Advisor

  • Play Video Games and Boards Games

Everyone has Ludo, chess, monopoly, cards and etc. at home so you can play and create competitions with family members. Also, make sure the winners get a price as well.

Similarly, video games can be played as they can be quite interesting and again you can team up and play.

You may also fly kites if you have any.

  • Figure Out Needy Around You and Help Them

The need of hour is to look for those who are needy and are looking for support. In your neighborhood and contact list always keep an eye on those who might be facing tough time these days. Jobs are closed and daily wage earners plus many private sector employees are laid off. They might not have enough stock to survive and provide for their families. If you cannot find one around you or in your contacts please support organizations, those who are working day and night to support needy people and those struggling to arrange two square meals in these tough situations.  

Donate To:#Who is Hussain and #ActsofKindness

  • Watch Productive Documentaries with Family

It has been reported by internet service providers that many people are surfing the internet for live streaming websites such as Youtube, iflix, Netflix and etc during the quarantine. There are a lot of documentaries based on history, animals, plants, science and fiction, celebrities and legends, fitness and dieting, history and literature and etc. that you can watch. Also many online entertainments are for family and kids such as animated movies and kids channels and programs that bolsters healthy mindset in kids. But make sure the screen time is strictly controlled by parents as too much exposure to television and multimedia is not got for eyes, brain and overall health of kids in particular and adults in general. Netflix is already in Pakistan and you can watch your favorite dramas.

Find Good Dramas/Documentaries Here: Collider, Parhlo, Kids Movies

  • Help Teachers By Helping your Children to Complete Their Syllabus

You just have to create a timetable for your kids and schedule all the activities. Sleeping, playing, Meals, study, Nap, etc. everything must be regulated strictly on a time table. This will not just help in organizing the routine of your ward but also you are preparing him to be in routine once the quarantine period gets over and everything settles down. Also, make sure you follow the time table with them accordingly as they learn by watching others. Also, you already have in hand their syllabus for the entire term so please teach them topics that needs to be covered in the current term as for teachers it might be difficult to cover the syllabus and many important topics will be skipped to end the term.

Last but not the least, Help yourself and help others during Quarantine, this way we can fight back this pandemic. Always spread positive news and keep your kids away from media rhetoric, teach them to wash their hands regularly and avoid any kinds of unnecessary interactions with anyone.

Stay safe, stay blessed and stay health

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